Relationship Counseling

Dr. Teresa M. Walters

A Family Model of Health and Healing

Embark on a transformative journey towards deeper connection and emotional well-being with Chrysalis Connections Online Relationship Counseling.

Our holistic approach focuses on healing individual members within family systems, restoring marital harmony, and fostering interdependent growth. Let us guide you toward a more fulfilling and nourishing relational experience.

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Plainfield, Indiana

Chrysalis Connections Online
You can't be a We if you don't have a Me.

Chrysalis Connections Online
Therapy at a time and location of your choice. 

Individual Therapy

Our relationship with ourselves is at the heart of relational health and healing. As we become more self-aware, self-defined, and self-regulated as individuals, our relational connections with others become more harmonious and satisfying. Begin your journey to a more satisfying and contented relational connection with yourself today!

Connected Couples

Chrysalis Connections Online
Creating connected couples one relationship at a time. 

Couples Therapy

Begin your journey with Chrysalis Connections Online Relationship Counseling. Cultivate a strong partnership mindset and map out a path to a harmonious, close-knit, and enduring connection. Start your growth process today with us!

Harmonious Families

Chrysalis Connections Online
New ways of thinking about family systems that become new ways of being in family systems. 

Marriage & Family Therapy

Building a harmonious family system is similar to building a house. It requires strong footers, a solid foundation, and reinforced subflooring. A strong marital bond, individual satisfaction, and healthy children provide the structure every healthy family needs. Call today to get started!